Sunday School

"Give instruction to the wise, and they will become wiser still; teach the righteous and they will gain in learning." - Proverbs 9:9
We have a Sunday School for You!

His Family - Room 303

This class is led by Gus Butler and you never know where the discussions will take you.   If you want to fit right in and be a part of a family, Gus' class would love to have you. 

Sermon Discussion - Room 304

Lavelle and Melinda Wilson take Pastor Troy's sermon each week and delve deeper into the scriptures.   Lavelle and Melinda's class make complex theological thoughts easy to understand. 

Wesleyan Class - Room 305

This class studies the traditional Cokesbury curriculum and has rotating leaders including:  Connie Smith, Kenny Hunter, Ben Clardy, Frances Red, and Mary Terry.   

The Explorer Class - Room 204

This class led by Lisa Meyer has wide-ranging topics covering just about everything!   Lisa and her class love Jesus and it shines through.  This class is taking a hiatus.  

Journey Class - Room 302

This clas led by Greg Wertenberger focuses on issues facing many young adults and parents today.   The class shares a bond in the common concerns that face all young adults today. 

Men of God- Room 208

This class led by Paul Stiedle help men to fully understand the potential they have in faith.   Paul's group share strong bonds through Bible Study and prayer. 

Share Life Together